Wound PCR testing is accurate and faster than conventional laboratory culture techniques which takes several days to return results; however, PCR testing is cutting edge with faster turnaround times.

Clinical Solution

At Reliance we use Wound PCR testing is a type of molecular testing to detect the presence of specific bacteria in a wound alongside testing for resistance and sensitivity to antibiotics. PCR testing is sensitive and can detect even small amounts of DNA or RNA from bacteria. This makes PCR testing a valuable tool for diagnosing UTI and our suggested treatments help clinicians decide how to best treat the illness.

PCR testing for wounds is typically performed using a swab method collected from the infected area.  Once received, the sample is tested using PCR. The amplified DNA or RNA is then analyzed to identify the types of bacteria that are present.

Clinical Advantages

1. Prevents delays in diagnosis and treatment.

2. Detects polymicrobial infections simultaneously.

3. Identifies antibiotic resistance genes and provides suggested treatments.

4. Decreases the progression and spread of infection.

5. Improves selection of narrow-spectrum antibiotics

6. Prepares clinicians to make cost-effective treatment decisions.

7. Results are available in the Provider Portal.



Your provider has ordered a molecular test to help diagnose your infection. This test is more rapid and accurate than the traditional culture technique you have had in the past.

Time Matters:

Your results will be available to your provider faster than traditional culture which takes 3 to 7 days.

Antibiotic Resistance and Suggested Treatments:

This will also help your provider determine if your infection may be resistant or sensitive to the antibiotics used to treat it.  The suggested treatments will provide many treatment options for your provider to choose from.


This test is covered by most federal and commercial payors when medical necessity is met.  We will process the claim with your insurance and agree that we will not bill the patient or the provider for any claims that are denied or rejected. If you have any questions, please contact our billing department at 972-925-0723.